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Nicholas Rizzo


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Supermarket Tycoon Review

Supermarket Tycoon is an application developed by Nicholas Rizzo. Supermarket Tycoon was first published on . The app is available on the following platforms: Steam.

Please Note: This game is in Early Access meaning it's not fully complete and missing some content. Please be ready to expect bugs.
Supermarket Tycoon is a strategy and simulation game that lets you build up your own store from the bottom up. Go from rags to riches or from riches to rags. Sell what you want how you want! Catch thieves, build your store, stock shelves, and much more!

Gameplay Overview
Supermarket Tycoon allows you to build your own store from scratch. Design your store from scratch, decide what to sell, hire employees, catch thieves, take out loans, attract customers, profit.
Story Mode - Start from scratch and build up your store. Accumulate profit, expand your store, hire employees, take out loans, get rich, go broke.
Sandbox Mode - Use unlimited resources to build your own store

Key Features
- Design your store
- Full Sandbox
- Loans
- Hire Employees
- Expand your store

Developers twitter: @sneakthiefgame
Audio by: @young_zxnder

Supermarket Tycoon

3 / 5

Supermarket Tycoon Logo
Author: Nicholas Rizzo
Size: 500 MB available space

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