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Corona MotorSport Review

Corona MotorSport is an application designed by LucasGame. Corona MotorSport was first published on . It is available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Corona MotorSport is a simulation-based independently developed and published racing game. Developed by LucasGame Studios, Corona MotorSport features a constantly improving physics system, beautiful graphics and a variety of cars to choose from. Users can select a track and drive around in Freeroam or they can race against other vehicles in Race mode. Corona MotorSport is currently in Early Access and will be updated frequently.
LucasGame Studios is an indie game studio that was founded in 2012.

Corona MotorSport is powered by the Unity game engine and boasts a multitude of features. Real-world data is implemented into Corona MotorSport to bring accurate physics simulation into the game.

  • Pacejka-89 Tire model
  • Suspension and tire pressure calculation
  • 3D tire model (experimental)
  • Real world horsepower, torque, gear ratio and weight data
  • Realistic engine sounds

Racing AI
Now featuring Racing AI! Race against up to 10 other cars in the new action-packed race mode.

Beautiful Graphics
Corona MotorSport features top-of-the-line graphics with constant tweaks and improvements each update.
  • Real-time and Screen-Space reflections
  • Dynamic Time and Weather system - Test your skills in rain, fog, snow (seasonal), sun, night or day!
  • Next-Gen Post-Processing - Bloom, Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) based Color grading/Tonemapping, Cinema-Quality Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion
  • Physically based shading - High quality environment shaders based on Shader Model 5 with dynamic rain and snow coverage support combined with next-generation car shaders (clear coat and procedural flake generation)
  • DirectX 11 support

Real-Time Damage Physics
Cosmetic Damage as well as suspension/drivetrain damage is supported with detachable parts

  • Monza, Italy
  • Barcelona
  • More coming soon

  • Serato Conquistador - powerful Italian sports car
  • Factory Five Mark IV Roadster - Officially licensed Factory Five Cobra replica
  • Factory Five Type 65 Coupe - Officially licensed Factory Five Daytona replica
  • Factory Five Type 65-R Coupe - Race version of Type 65
  • Nyzan GTX - Japanese sportscar
  • Doge Hellfire - American 4 door Muscle car
  • Vortex VX Storm - AWD German sportscar
  • Serato Uragano - powerful Italian sports car
  • Kobra XR - German engineered gull-wing door car

Corona MotorSport

2.5 / 5

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Author: LucasGame
Size: 2 GB available space

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